A division of HEALS ABN:81 616 404 454 trading as CPR safe are the Australasian Distributors of Knuffi.

Knuffi® warning and protective bumper guards is a PPE aid towards Zero Harm solution that acts as a personal crumple zone for people, machines, fixtures, pallet racking protection, eye beams on walkways and broader materials handling and infrastructure applications.

Knuffi® absorbs hard impacts and thus prevent injury or damage. You no longer have to worry about the absence of staff because of injuries or equipment downtime.

All Knuffi® products have black and yellow markings which serve as an efficient warning mechanism, highlighting sources of danger at edges, gaps, and obstacles. This makes it easy to recognise these danger spots and reduce the probability of accidents.

Knuffi® products have a variable temperature resistance, ranging from 40°C to +100 °C. Our products are also resistant to damp, making them versatile for use both indoors and outdoors.

Knuffi® now offers Wall Protection Kits for corner and wall protection with tough stainless steel backing for mechanical attachments.


CPRSafe Knuffi® & CPRSafe complement each other because CPRSafe are a well established nation-wide safety company who visit every state in Australia regularly, selling safety products and conducting safety audits for industrial and commercial premises.

All Australian companies have an obligation to comply with Workplace and Safety Laws. The addition of Knuffi to CPRSafe’s product list means companies can get the correct advice and be supplied with lawful safety products. This will protect not only the machinery but all surface protection with Knuffi products.


  • Distributors of Knuffi® products in Australasia including Australia, New Zealand & New Guinea.
  • Specializing in protective and warning bumper guards.
  • Products made from polyurethane foam.
  • High visibility, yellow & black marking making them ideal for hazard warning, but Knuffi® uniquely offer a range of different colour combinations. Click here to see our colour range.
  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • Applications found in transportation routes for industrial setups, equipment, and machinery, transportation vehicles as well as walls.
  • Knuffi® is extremely popular worldwide but it is a relative newcomer to Australia and New Zealand. However, Knuffi® is quickly becoming a market leader because Knuffi® products are very easy to install and offer the widest range of surface protection products.








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