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Knuffi Bumper Guards

CPRSafe and Knuffi are the market leader for warning and protective profiles which are simple to use and long lasting.

Knuffi have been manufacturing surface protection products for 40 years. Their combination of premium quality and highly trained and motivated staff is synonymous with CPRSafe Knuffi. The profiles are manufactured to the highest standards using patented, cutting-edge production.

Tried tested manufactured and market leader world-wide for protective bumper guards – Knuffi products are now exclusively available under the CPRSafe Knuffi umbrella in Australia, New Zealand & New Guinea.

Knuffi equals safety

Knuffi products are designed to protect humans and the machines they use. CPRSafe Knuffi are proud and protective of the reputation they have forged. Knuffi are the market leaders in surface protection products and invest heavily in RAD to maintain that position.

At CPRSafe Knuffi, we bring you many years of diverse expertise in the manufacturing of warning and protective profiles. Cprsafe now brings not only the products from the World leader in surface protective but the knowledge as well.









Knuffi’s warning and protective bumpers, are now available through CPRsafe Knuffi’s extensive distribution, everywhere across Australia. CPRSafe are already a market leader in industrial safety equipment, supply and installation plus conducting safety audits. The addition of Knuffi is, therefore, the perfect, complementary addition to their extensive stock range.

Knuffi have forged a reputation around the world for producing warning and protective bumpers designed to effectively prevent injuries to people and damage to machines, buildings and their fixtures.

Moreover, our warning and protective bumpers are resilient enough to absorb major impacts. Especially, the traditional black and yellow markings on the bumpers work as a safety/hazard warning for dangerous sharp edges, ledges and obstacles that protrude into workspace.

The major benefits of Knuffi Warning and protective bumper guards:
  • Firstly, they provide warning and protection against hazards for people
  • Subsequently, this reduces the risk of people being injured and the consequent costs through workers absence or injury to people
  • Furthermore, the traditional black and yellow striped warning and protective bumpers are also available in a variety of colour combinations including:
    • Red and white
    • Black
    • White
    • Daylight fluorescent
    • Glow in the dark
    • Yellow and black reflective
    • Red and white reflective
  • In addition, visibility is the major objective of warning and protective bumpers. Therefore, by offering such an extensive range of colour combinations, Knuffi have achieved their goal most effectively.
  • Furthermore, some features of the warning and protective bumpers include:
    • UV protected, long-lasting colour which makes installation suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
    • Recyclable polyurethane foam, completely free of CFCs, the warning and protective bumpers are designed to be easy to install and are robust and durable. (They last years).
    • Manufactured using polyurethane foam coloured by reverse printing (Knuffi offers the most extensive colour range) and fixed in place by foaming so that on the outside no paint appears or is visible.
    • It has modified acrylic adhesive resistant to light and ageing on all types except B and BB.
    • Other features include: bonding strength of 21 N/25 mm
    • Resistant to temperatures between -40 and +100°C; fire test of DIN 4102 B2, UL 94 HB/10 mm
  • Finally, these warning and protective bumpers have a standard length of 1 m, 5 m, up to 50 lm (boxed).

Knuffi corner, warning and safety protection bumper guards

Which one are you looking for?

It can be confusing when looking for surface protection, bumper protection, edge protection and corner protection. Cprsafe Knuffi can help you make your selection easy.

There are a myriad of different type of edges with different profiles that can be dangerous to humans and machinery, the objective is to make these edges and protrusions highly visible so humans and vehicles are warned and contact collisions are avoided.

Staircase edges are classic example of edges that can be extremely dangerous and where many injuries are sustained yet these accidents can be easily avoided by the installation/application of edge protection with high visibility.

People often have trouble finding the safety products they want, this is because there are so many descriptive phrases that can apply.

The Knuffi products are titled with an emphasis on the types of surfaces they are applied to E.g. corner protection, edge protection, pipe protection. But they still are primarily warning and safety products.

Once you have viewed the Knuffi product range it is easy to select the product with the profile that best suits you. If you are unsure of what product you want please phone

Knuffi Bumper Guards – COLOURS


CPRSafe Knuffi® are a locally owned & operated business providing Knuffi® products across Australia, New Zealand & New Guinea. All our Knuffi® products come with a functional guarantee of 5 years from the date of purchase. To elaborate, this guarantee covers all functional aspects of the bumper guards including hazardous warning efficiency, elasticity and protection feature.

Knuffi® protective bumper guards have umpteen advantages, including:

  • First advantage is that these bumper guards act as a warning sign for hazardous areas which are prone to high impact damage.
  • Thereafter, use of these bumper guards reduces the requirement of staff presence.
  • Additionally, they provide protection against damage to equipment, machinery, vehicles and personnel.
  • They also contribute to minimisation of costs associated with damage recovery.
  • These bumper guards are also suitable for use on internal as well as external surfaces.
  • Another advantage is the minimum installation costs.
  • Moreover, these bumper guards are easy to install.
  • Finally, they are sturdy and robust.


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